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  2. I bet he has a majority of songwriting credits on Clean Bandit's songs tho lol Edit: Jack's directed 13 of their music videos, is credited as lead writer/producer for all the songs on their album. As for Disconnect, they both composed, but Jack is the producer.
  3. The very first clip sounds like the version of Disconnect that they performed at Coachella. And I'm so glad they got rid of that weird "spaceship" sound for the final version
  4. Lmao it's gonna take a lot more than that. Clean Bandit was weak and just gave it to us whereas we've been pestering Marina for years about her broken promises and she's still holding out strong (i.e. INHA) This is honestly so true omg. I used to think that the fanbases for "basic" artists (Halsey, 21p, the 1975, etc.) were terrible, but at least they are devoted af to their faves... we literally all hate Marina and give her so much shit lmao
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  6. I just hope she doesn't drop us, if she does, i'll kms but i'll still love her anyways, I DECIDED TO STAN FOREVER. NEVER WILL GET SICK OF HER HOE ASS
  7. I really don't think Marina will completely drop 'the Diamonds' at this stage in her career. She is in her 30's now and it's a bit late to be changing her stage name. And I agree with what others are saying that MATD4 will probably be self titled. Either that or something flower related. Like 'Botany', 'Orchid', or 'Nightshade'. But knowing Merna the title of MATD 4 with be 'The Mis-Education of Mavis and Jupiter'.
  8. Honestly, 'Witness' has some really great production. 'Mind Maze' and 'Roulette' have the kind of production I would love for Marina to use on MATD4. Unfortunately, the album is ruined by Katy Perry's contributions, mainly her grade school level lyrics.
  9. Yeah, I don't care much for his involvement either but it does lend the article a little bit of credibility. I hope Sarah Hudson brings some bops and not any of the messiness that Katy has been releasing lately.
  10. Yeah, Jesse St. John either re-Tweeted the article or liked a Tweet in which the article was shared. I can't remember which. But personally, I'm not all that excited about his involvement. I'm more interested in what Marina and Sarah Hudson were working on. Hopefully Ms. Hudson gave Marina something like Katy Perry's 'Mind Maze' and not something like KP's 'Bigger Than Me'.
  11. If the Diamonds want a new album from Ms. Diamandis they will have to keep pestering her nonstop and continue to barrage anyone even remotely connected to Marina with abusive Tweets. Clean Bandit finally gave us 'Disconnect' just to end the abuse so keep up the creative swearing, Diamonds! Merna has a hate/hate relationship with her fans. We hate her and she hates us. We are like a real family. Honestly, outside of Lana's fanbase(who are crazy af), Marina probably has one of the worst fanbases. But at least the Diamonds are not routinely arrested for stalking and living in Marina's garage, Lana Del Rey's fanbase can't say the same...
  12. Didn't Jesse Saint John retweet the article as well? I doubt we will get an album this summer unless she pulls a Beyoncé. I do think we may get an announcement/ single though. Edit: he did retweet the article
  13. These Tweets at least confirm that Marina has met with Sarah Hudson and Jason Evigan at some point.
  14. She's been living in the state of announcing things she'll never release
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    @Electras Are you the iconic member Trollina or another person? lmao your name confuses me :creepina:

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      I wish i'm just another flop :'( :icant:

  16. I won't believe it until something is actually released because Merna says lots of things that never happen.
  17. Honestly I feel like this was something more like MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS featuring Clean Bandit bc a member is Marina's boyfriend
  18. A montage of the original demo clips that leaked of Disconnect by Clean Bandit (Feat. Marina & The Diamonds).
  19. Yesterday
  20. Yeah I think the same. Marina is not a very popular artist so getting more recognition after changing her stage name would be difficult I think
  21. I think the video thing is due to size constraints. Clean Bandit know Marina well, so that may be why they introduced her by name. Her stage name will likely remain the same. I do think MATD4 will be self-titled though.
  22. I'm curious as to what everyone thinks about the rumors/speculation that Marina might want to change her stage name. We've gotten some conflicting messages about this lately- Marina was introduced at Glastonbury as just "Marina" and the YouTube video for Disconnect is by "clean bandit and marina", but the song is still officially by Marina and the Diamonds. Are we being paranoid, or is something going on here? And what does that mean for us Diamonds?
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    Imagine if Marina checked this website

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      I have theory that she is like admin here or something. From where are they getting those cool unseen photos, stems itp. :trollina2:

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  25. Tbh I hated the live version we got a few years ago but this completely snatched me wigless!
  26. Thanks!
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