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  4. unemotionalteen

    Marina & The Diamonds Collection Thread

    Kinda out of context , but is anyone excited on how the new EH collection Marina is making going to look like?
  5. unemotionalteen


    I would die to hear it, tbh
  6. unemotionalteen

    Worst Music Video?

    orange trees!
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  8. I Am Not a Robot

    • I Am Not a Robot
    • iamadiamond17

    * This is my old account I just can't log back into it anymore :anywayina:

  9. marilynmanson

    Your Marina Lyrics Mistakes

    on Froot instead of " pinker than shepherds delight " i thought it was " pinker than she puts the light "
  10. marilynmanson

    Worst Music Video?

    obsessions, fear and loathing and forget
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  12. mernasfroot


    Welcome! we don't have an app here but you could always just type and add it to your bookmarks ✨
  13. queenofnoneidentity


    hii, do any of you have the full song ? (TNWWY) apparently some people do have it but it’s rare and so i’m digging inside the internet to find it (i probably won’t, but i give it a try) that’s it haha also, im nEw here uwu, question: is there an app for this community or do i always have to go on google and search up for this community? bye bye♡
  14. It's 2019, and i am still here...
  15. mernasfroot


    #PROJECTKARMA DiamondGarden Announcement:



  16. #ProjectKarma Global Fan Event hosted by MARINA Philippines 22 MARINA Accounts worldwide from Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, and Facebook. This project is mainly inspired by #ProjectNoControl, conducted by the fans of One Direction, which aimed to turn the band's song "No Control" into a single and promote it on social media as if it were an official single. This is important because a single gets most of the exposure especially in radio stations. Because of the unified participation of their fanbase, this was a successful project. #ProjectKarma has the same objectives: to promote and turn "Karma" into a single and to have it played by radio stations all over the world by mass-requesting "Karma" as a fandom. With all the streaming, promoting, and requesting, this would all then translate to a form of demand, which could attract music promoters to invite MARINA to perform to countries she hasn't toured in, like Australia and other European countries, as explained by MARINA’s manager Jess Keeley. If this event is a success, then the outcome would be: MORE tour dates, INCREASED awareness of MARINA and her new album, and INCREASED radio play of MARINA worldwide. When these happen, it could have a domino-effect and could improve her charts performance. With all the toxicity surrounding this new era especially on stan Twitter that led to MARINA handing her Twitter account over to her team, making this project a success could also be our way of apologizing to MARINA. #ProjectNoControl was only successful because of the unity and dedication of 1D fans worldwide, so the participation of ALL diamonds is what we need to make this a success. Spread the word about this and join now, Diamonds! - MARINA Philippines
  17. arinmeric

    Love+Fear Era Fan-Pack by arinmeric

    Hi! Can you try downloading it again in different ways (ie. by refreshing the page, using VPN if you have the add-on, through the in cognito mode)? Someone else seems to have managed to download it 1,5 hours ago, and so could I just now. If it still doesn't work, please PM me preferably on my Instagram as I don't often check here.
  18. Pissychu

    Marina & The Diamonds Collection Thread

    Super long shot but I don’t suppose anyone here has the Green Oh No! Cardsleeve and wants to think about selling? It’s my most coveted item I’ve never found.
  19. ace76


    I literally haven't been here in years.

  20. savagefroot

    Love+Fear Era Fan-Pack by arinmeric

    The link is not working!
  21. mernasfroot


    Calling on the attention of all admins of MARINA News and Updates accounts around the world! If any of you are interested to join our new global fan event on late June, contact us on Twitter or Facebook.

    16 Marina accounts worldwide.

    20 days.

    Updates soon.



  22. Taylor


    I've come to the conclusion that MariN/A is a legend but @Cool! It awvahlaps is still a smelly pig! Why? Bringing the forum IQ down into the negatives, brain cell count that could fit into Mariah's tiny bag having head ass. Until next year, TinfoilGarden


  23. stuphanu

    LOVE Instrumentals

    plsss repost!!! alternatively stems of L+F would also be amazing
  24. arinmeric

    Love+Fear Era Fan-Pack by arinmeric

    Insipration drawn from @thepianoknows... Greetings fellow Diamonds! My name is Arin. Recently, I was in need of some Love+Fear-related images because I wanted to work on some creations. The materials for the previous eras has been fairly easy to obtain since the All Eras Fan-Pack was released four years ago. However, with the dawn of the new era; came a plethora of new content. Therefore, I present you... The Love+Fear Era Fan-Pack! The following is what you can find in the .zip folder (see below for the link): Official album and single covers Magazine photoshoots (incomplete list; apologies for the inconvenience) Miscellaneous outtakes (ie. the full Superstar cover art; see below) Links to fonts (MARINA logo, album title and tracklist) The backgrounds for the aftorementioned album/single covers (all of which was made by yours truly!) All this precious content is available absolutely free of charge! That said, crediting me - @arinmeric - will be greatly appreciated in case you use or consider using any of my creations for commercial AND/OR clout purposes. Download Link: I hope you enjoy my creations! Feel free to me know if that is that case, or if you have any feedback/requests, or if the link no longer works. My Instagram: @arinmericakin My Youtube channel: ΔRXN (
  25. Bitch


    stan loona

  26. Bitch

    LOVE | Discussion

    Update: You barely touched my wig, let alone tore it to shreds.
  27. AbbyPlays<3

    Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    I made all the LOVE + FEAR singles new album covers!
  28. AbbyPlays<3

    Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    Mine is pretty rusty
  29. Sleepwalker

    LOVE Instrumentals

    'Whoever' told me this lied, lmao. Sorry.
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