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  2. Game of Thrones

    Plz no Not here for more incest!!!
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  4. Game of Thrones

    I have a feeling that either Jon and Daenerys learn of Jon's parentage ,Bran/ Sam learn about it, of it actually refers to Jon and Danaerys getting it on.
  5. Game of Thrones

    YES. I'm pretty sure it refers to Lyanna and Rhaegar, and will have flashbacks of their wedding. I'm so not here for the whites tearing down the wall...
  6. Game of Thrones

    RIP(kinda) Viserion. Did you see the title of this week's episode?
  7. Game of Thrones

    I'm so not okay with what just happened.
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  9. Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    Request: 1 - A cover of I'm Not Hungry Anymore in the style of Electra Heart with the background of Froot, but only the stars, with Marina uncomfortable with several mistakes that the reporters give when they will interview Marina like "Marina from the Marina and the Diamonds", "Primadonna Girl", " Electrica Heart ", etc... 2 - A cover for this mashup:
  10. FINALLY I FIND THAT PRiMADONNA STEMS REUPLOAD : ps: listen to this solitaire part
  11. Hypocrates Is One Of Marina's Best Songs

    I have HTBAH at the end of EH and Radioactive right after F&L
  12. Hypocrates Is One Of Marina's Best Songs

    But you have HTBAH and Radioactive right before F&L... if anything, Hypocrates lifts up the tone of the album while keeping the theme of gloomy lyrics, and then you get into your final pop bangers of the album before the "last hurrah."
  13. Hypocrates Is One Of Marina's Best Songs

    The bridge in Hypocrates is amazing and that's that on that!
  14. Hypocrates Is One Of Marina's Best Songs

    god bless tbh, the votd bridge is maybe my fave bridge of marinas entire career hypocrates is just too repetitive for my liking, the chorus is short and the pre-chorus is mostly "yeah, you let go". imo it feels out of place on the album lyrically, but sonically it fits. the "I know you only want to own me / And that’s the kind of love you show me" part makes me so emotional tho....tho tf would treat a goddess this way,,,,,, im so heated
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  16. Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

  17. Next Album - Sleuthing & Speculation Pre-Release Thread

    Let's not forget about Melanie's fanbase. You can't even say your opinion on her music.
  18. Hypocrates Is One Of Marina's Best Songs

    Hypocrates has grown on me over the years, and by itself it's not such a bad song. Basic, but fine. My problem has always been its placement in the tracklist, it just feels like it doesn't belong. I have the same issue with Weeds.
  19. Which album is better and why

    I pop in every so often to see what you all + Marina are up to It's usually a whole lot of nothing but I'm remaining hopeful!
  20. Game of Thrones

    Same. I'm scared to watch tbh.
  21. Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    i do not know how to make tfj style covers *cries in brazilian*
  22. Game of Thrones

    omg. I saw people talking about this. I refuse to watch
  23. Last Dance

    I'm shook at New Rules being Dua's first number 1. It's also the first female-lead (Like not a feature or a girl band) song to be number 1 since Hello by Adele in 2015. Legend

  24. Cool! It awvahlaps

    in Liability I always hear "She's a foreign fighter" instead of "She's a forest fire" lol

  25. Faux Real

    I can't believe Girls is my 2nd most played song of 2016. Wtf:awkney2:


    Well, What are You Doing in my Swamp is my most played song, so..


    1. chapel.mp3


      what's the first one?

    2. Faux Real

      Faux Real

      15 hours ago, chapel.mp3 said:

      what's the first one?

      it was on itunes 

  26. hypocrates is a true bop

    Marina in new video :

    (at 9:14)

    1. Faux Real

      Faux Real

      Jarina is basically Bughead, except Marina's the homeless one:trash:


      -but for real, they're so cute together

      not as cute as Larina (Beronica) though:pls:


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