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  3. Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    Oh I will try to make some covers!
  4. Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    I do agree I could've had better fonts, but I used PowerPoint. Lots of the fonts were terrible.
  5. Last week
  6. Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    They could have chosen better fonts.....
  7. Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    EPs/Unreleased Part 3.
  8. Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    EPs/Unreleased Part 2.
  9. Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    EPs/Unreleased Part 1.
  10. Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    Putting my six favorites right here. Sorry for their size and their overall lack of good quality. Also sorry for being 6 years late to the cover party and not being able to weave the trade like you other Diamonds can. (I don't own the photos or the logos.)
  11. Marina's Breast Thread

    yeah! it should start again :-)
  12. .

  13. can anyone please reupload or pm me? x
  14. Your favorite Marina moment of 2017?

    i know i'm gonna sound salty but thesemoments were underwhelming this
  15. Earlier
  16. Disconnect (Instrumental)

    It was leaked by Ultrasubversive on Twitter:
  17. All Eras Fan-Pack


  19. FROOT fan pack

    I need another link I need this
  20. Disconnect (Instrumental)

    I think it was officially released by Clean Bandit with another intrumentals from the era
  21. FROOT Rainbow Gradient

    Hey, do you still have it?
  22. FROOT Design Pack

    Can you reupload it? please
  23. Disconnect (Instrumental)

    Awesome! Thanks! Where does it come from?
  24. Pamplemousse

    hey hoes

  25. iloveicecreamcake

    Listening to music :)

  26. iloveicecreamcake

    i have no life

  27. What do you think Marina is doing at the studio?

    If not's an album nor an EP what will it be? A music playing music video projecting rainbow dildo?
  28. Marina & The Diamonds Collection Thread

    someone who has a froot box set that wants to sell can call me on DM.
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