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    paramore ftw!

  2. tbh last time i listened to htbahb (2013??) my itunes said it had 350 something plays... what even
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  4. Definitely Hollywood! It's still her best makeup ever. She looks so youthful and pleasing to stare at.
  5. @Jadd.H I LOVE I'm A Ruin video! It's so emotional and symbolic, and very well combined with a melody. Forget is the worst. It doesn't even feel like Marina, so, as someone said, I tend to forget it exists. Really.
  6. I wouldn't say Marina has bad videos, but I admit that is kinda boring that most of her videos are her smiling and posing for the camera.
  7. The Weeknd - Starboy
  8. Lady Gaga - Joanne
  9. Lana Del Rey - Born to die
  10. Night Time, My Time // Sky Ferreira
  11. If we can nominate the same albums again and again, then... Lizzy Grant//A.K.A
  12. The state of dreaming is the worst music video all time. It has no storyline and no second scene. Videos from FROOT ERA are way better than TFJ & EH.
  13. Actually Natalia Kills was one of my favorite singer, even I loved her more than Marina (Sorry ;/). But after the thing she've done, It likes, I would still listen to her old music sometimes, but I won't support her and treat her as one of my favorite singer anymore.
  14. Allie X // CollXtion I
  15. TFJ: Rootless (Underrated) Rootless (Favorite) EH: Living Dead (Underrated) Lies (Favorite) FROOT: Weeds (Underrated) Forget (Favorite)
  16. I think I wouldn't put HOW TO BE A HEARTBREAKER & SEX YEAH into the US Edition. That's way too commercial, whereas break the concept of Electra Heart. So I would keep Living Dead. And also, I think Living Dead / Lies should be the 2nd or 3rd single. And the video of The State Of Dreaming should be re-shoot. Miss Y should be put into Electra Heart instead of Homewrecker. So the tracklist may be: 1. Bubblegum Bitch 2. Primadonna 3. Lies 4. Starring Role 5. Power and Control 6. Living Dead 7. Teen Idle 8. The Archetypes (Interlude) 9. The State Of Dreaming 10. Valley of The Dolls 11. Miss Y 12. Hypocrates 13. Fear and Loathing Music Video: Part 1: Fear & Loathing Part 2: Radioactive Part 3: The Archetypes Part 4: Primadonna Part 5: SU-BARBIE-A Part 6: Lies Part 7: Starring Role Part 8: Power & Control Part 9: The State of Dreaming Part 10: Miss Y Part 11: Electra Heart
  17. Are You Satisfied?- Bubblegum Bitch - Happy Shampain - Primadonna - Froot I Am Not a Robot - Lies - I'm A Ruin Girls - Homewrecker - Blue Mowgli's Road - Starring Role - Forget (Actually I love them all more than the 4th track.) Obsessions - The State of Dreaming - Gold Hollywood - Power & Control - Can't Pin Me Down The Outsider - Living Dead - Solitaire Hermit The Frog - Teen Idle - Better Than That Oh No! - Valley of the Dolls - Weeds Rootless - Hypocrates - Savages Numb - Fear & Loathing - Immortal TFJ 0 EH 5 FROOT 8
  18. Living dead is the most suitable one to be a single.
  19. I only want her new music ASAP. As to direction, whatever, I know her never let me down.
  20. Dua Lipa//The Only EP
  21. Nominate an album for this week Remember to follow the rules of the thread
  22. With typing, I've always found it easier to go via their weaknesses rather than their strengths. You probably know all of this, so I'm sorry if this comes across as condescending, but I guess it's clearer for people reading this who don't have a basis in MBTI. With ENFP, the function stacking is extraverted intuition (Ne), introverted feeling (Fi), extraverted thinking (Te), and introverted sensing (Si). ENFP makes sense to me as a Marina typing because she's creative (often attributed with Ne) and sensitive (Fi). She also uses Te (control, perfection) and I can see how inferior Si makes sense as a weakness, since she has issues with dealing with the past(?), most specifically her dad. However, I think a more accurate type for Marina would be INTJ. Functions-wise it goes: introverted intuition (Ni), extraverted thinking (Te), introverted feeling (Fi), and extraverted sensing (Se). So ENFP vs. INTJ for analysis would be Ne/Fi/Te/Si vs. Ni/Te/Fi/Se. This is turning into a really long analysis, so I'm putting it under the cut, but here's my argument for why I think Marina is INTJ: I also think that Marina is a 3w4, but I'm still learning about enneagram. I thought your theory on ideal partners was really cool, although I guess there are lots of "ideal partner" sets just based on what each type can teach each other. (I'm pretty sure I'm an ISTP 5w4.)
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  27. Dead thread but if anyone is interested I'm like 99% sure that Marina is a 3w4 INTJ
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