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  2. Next Album - Sleuthing & Speculation Pre-Release Thread

    Thanks, I do too!
  3. Next Album - Sleuthing & Speculation Pre-Release Thread

    No problem! I hope you get it solved!
  4. Next Album - Sleuthing & Speculation Pre-Release Thread

    Hey, thanks for your response. I'll see if I can get in contact with an admin. I just think it would be beneficial if the original post can kept up to date with new info. It might encourage further discussion, too. Thanks for the help!
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  6. Next Album - Sleuthing & Speculation Pre-Release Thread

    The editing frame is only six months (used to be just a week) so you should as an admin (@Hermit's Rainbow) for the ability to edit this post!
  7. Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    FROOT Marina with the EH background and TFJ effect: (the hair is a little messy) I left it untagged so people could put their own text but the EH era logo would be nice to tie in with the background.
  8. Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    It was leaked with that big Electra Heart outtake thing awhile ago! I'll pm you the original!
  9. Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    Damn did you colourise that or is there a colour version I know nothing about??
  10. Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    I didn't edit this pic much at all but I love it so muCH
  11. Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    Bad Kids in the style of TFJ:
  12. Post Your Marina iTunes Library!

    Thank you! I just have a lot of time in my hands lmao
  13. Post Your Marina iTunes Library!

    you have your shit together! Mine is just a playlist on Spotify full of random ass shit
  14. Music artists you dislike

    tbh i'm starting to dislike marina for the way she treats her fans that still after years listen to her music and buy her shit bc let's be honest, she wouldn't be where she is now without them
  15. OMG, these do look better! I always wanted Oh No! in better quality! Thank u!!!
  16. It wasn't, I checked Vevo and Atlantic press. If it was somewhere discretely, these are the master files without any compression so the quality is better!
  17. but.. hollywood has been released in 720..
  18. DIAMONDGARDEN.NET EXCLUSIVE - Oh No! and Hollywood (Music Videos) HD

    Thank You So Much! The quality left my wig in uranus
  19. Post Your Marina iTunes Library!

    Wow mine's changed a lot in a few weeks lmao: Here's what's in them, I like rearranging the track order so they fit better, hence why Savages is a single and not in with FROOT, it's still a work in progress though. I need to change the instrumental tracks so they match the album version. Electra Heart (Betatraxx): Covers: die Life: Disconnect: Electra Heart: Electra Heart (Acoustics): Electra Heart (Demos): Electra Heart (Instrumentals): The Family Jewels: The Family Jewels (acoustic): The Family Jewels (demos): The Family Jewels (Instrumentals): FROOT: FROOT (acoustic): FROOT (album sampler): FROOT (instrumentals): Give Me The Money: Hidden Gems: I'm Not Hungry Anymore: Just Desserts: (The version where it's just Marina singing) The Lonely Hearts Club Tour (Studio Version): Mermaid vs Sailor: Savages:
  20. What Do You Want For Marina’s Music Videos

    Depends on the era. Electra Heart: Could have been much better if we had more videos like Radioactive, for the story-line (Marina transitioning into Electra) and Primadonna for the archetype visuals since I feel like The Archetypes weren't used for their full potential, I also felt like it lost that "aesthetic" along the way. Videos for songs like Teen Idle and Valley of the Dolls would have been great. And I'd much rather have a video for Homewrecker than HTBAH. FROOT: The videos, as another user said, were boring, apart from Blue. Immortal, is alright in terms with the song. But, Forget I forget about, FROOT there's just something missing (although the one dress she wears when she's in the middle of the room is gorgeous and makes her look godly tall), and I'm a Ruin has such a stunning setting but apart from the ending it's just her dancing and swaying in the same place. It'd be better if there was more variety and interaction with the location. TFJ: I'm actually not really sure. Hollywood and Oh No! are iconic. Seventeen is cute, in a good way. I love Shampain. Mowgli's Road is rather odd, however suits the song. I Am Not a Robot and Obsessions are also cute. As for the future, well it depends on the theme she's going for. Perhaps more action and variety within the video.
  21. Yeah, u-hu, oh, yeah

    One Kiss is a catchy 30 seconds tune repeated ad nauseam on a lame vaporware beat with vaporware aesthetics... this belonged to trashy 2017 not to wig-snatching 2018

    Dua's vocals is the only silver lining

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    2. Freedom Of Falling

      Freedom Of Falling

      tragic, Duo Lingo can perform 3 features live that no one asked for (She performed that fucking Wale feature, that fucking flopped) but cant play Want To or Running like she said she would? We have decided to unstan.

    3. abombnd


      one kiss is so damn annoying yall could've done better


    4. livingladolcevita



  22. What Do You Want For Marina’s Music Videos

    Marina has the budget of a 5 year old kid entering a candy shop. How can she produce good music videos?
  23. Next Album - Sleuthing & Speculation Pre-Release Thread

    Can somebody please tell me how I can edit the original post? I started this thread but have been meaning to keep it updated with new potential song titles, producers and so on - but I cannot seem to find the "EDIT" button to add the new details. Is this feature not available anymore, or is it because the original post is too old?? Somebody, please help! I really want to keep this thread updated!!
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  25. What Do You Want For Marina’s Music Videos

    i like tfjs music videos so stuff like that
  26. DIAMONDGARDEN.NET EXCLUSIVE - Oh No! and Hollywood (Music Videos) HD

    queen of releasing 3 eras old material
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