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    • electrafilmz
    • Faux Real

    paramore ftw!

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  3. Guilty on the Run

    guys please help I cant login on P R I M A D O N N A its saying theres no profile found with that name 

    1. Pancake Rho

      Pancake Rho

      Have u already checked some threads you posted on to see if there was any sign of your old profile?

  4. MsDaytonaMeth

    r u fucking kidding me this isn't the right account ugh my old user is P R I M A D O N N A 

  5. Guilty on the Run

    girlies I forgot my password for my old user P R I M A D O N N A and this is my first ever account omg It won't let me login on that account. it says theres no profile found with that user id somebody help

  6. Jadd.H

    second life ads invaded the internet :traitor:

  7. Maddison

    Happy (1 day late) 5th Birthday, Electra :electrahor:


    (Glorious outtake :icant:)

  8. Sheeran



  9. Sheeran

    Which version of EH should we review? UK standard/deluxe or US standard/deluxe?

    1. Obsessions


      UK delux

  10. Faux Real

    is anyone here as excited as i am about fall out boy's new crap:giveup:???

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  11. Sheeran



  12. drumbeatdrop

    the weight!

    of an empty life!

    will lessen in the moonlight!!!

    1. completelyweightless




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  14. MelleValetta

    How often do you change you profile picture or signature?

  15. completelyweightless

    Someone uploaded the Collxtion II listening party to soundcloud🙏🏻 Simon Says is slaying me

  16. Maddison

    Since Diamond Garden is currently dead, I was thinking about participating in activity on other forums, like Lanaboards etc. But it turned out to be hard, cause I don't know anybody there, lol.

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    2. MelleValetta


      And they're fucking awesome. If her label releases them, the'll will get their coins

    3. Maddison


      They are! But unfortunately, the label never cares about artist's unfinished/unreleased songs, because they're too raw or too cheap. Some artists hate their unreleased stuff, too.

    4. MelleValetta


      Evidently illogical. Although we know that it can be worse (when they profit from the death of an artist) .

      Going back to the previous thing, with Lana even the most "cheap" song is a jewel, like the song she improvised after Coachella (instagram video and the forest)... is precious and inspiring. :icant:

      I feel that it is a pity that she collaborated with people older than her in the new album. Obviously excepting The Weeknd, none of the collaborations announced calls my attention.  There are many songs from her Unreleased catalog that should have the opportunity

  17. Faux Real

    2017 is already an amazing year in music. Also, Don't Kill My Vibe by Sigrid is a great song, go listen.

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    2. Pancake Rho

      Pancake Rho

      Thanks! tho it's not the musical side that lets me down, i have some stuff to listen to as well this new year, it's Marina that I am thirsty for :icant:

      if you manage to put a gun to her head and make her release something, that'd be fine by me!

    3. Faux Real

      Faux Real

      @Pancake Rho I would if someone gave me the plane ticket money and Harry Potter's invisibility cloak 

    4. Pancake Rho

      Pancake Rho

      @Faux Real perfect.

      then I suppose we have a deal :derpina:

  18. Faux Real


    p u r p l e


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  19. completelyweightless

    of course allie x does a livestream of new songs at 12pm on a weekday when literally nobody can watch it (aka i'm annoyed that i missed it)

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    1. Last Dance

      Last Dance

      I can PM you the audio files if you want :). The album will leak in vinyl rips soon anyways

  20. MelleValetta

    Your firsts thoughts about Lust for Life or Hard Times?

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    2. MelleValetta


      @Mark. is because do you miss the old Paramore? I used to hate Ain't it fun for that, but the song grew on me too.

    3. Mark.


      @MelleValetta yeah kind of, I don't mind bands experimenting, but I just felt like it's not really them :fatima:

      either way Hard Times grew on me a lot now

    4. MelleValetta


      Same, I don't have any problem with singers doing experiments. But when in comes about bands it's hard to welcome a change. Even more if it's a "rock band" like paramore. They have awesome songs like MB and Ignorance which made them known to the public.

      I understand that Hayley is a girl with a cheerful personality, but the musical genre change she's made does not fit me with what she said about  prefering be a band girl instead of soloist

  21. MelleValetta

    New semester hasn't started yet and I already fucked up it :crying:

  22. Last Dance

    I'm trying to remaster Misbelieving by Allie X and it's just not going well :deadbanana:I can't find the right synth sounds, and the drums sound messy af. If anyone has ANY hints on how to use a program like Garageband, or has some synth or drum samples they'dbe willing to share, please help :primadonnacat:

  23. Pancake Rho

    Beauty is a curse on the world. It keeps us from seeing who the real monsters are

  24. Faux Real

    lmao, I just put together that mars argo's profile photo is bed sheets because her last name is sheets


    My whi is unicornguide


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  25. Faux Real

    it really surprises me that some people still don't know Titanic, Mars, and Poppy's real names. they're everywhere and not hard to find, the same goes for old mars videos and rare poppy videos/audios. 

    mars argo=brittany sheets

    titanic sinclair=corey (michael/middle name) mixter 

    that poppy=moriah pereira 

    but tbh I'm not their biggest fan, I just really like their music, moriah's acting is better than her music even though I really like one of her older songs (which was more alternative), but from what i know titanic is a pretentious butthole, or mars is a spoiled gold digger, or neither, idk what to believe

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    1. Hermit's Rainbow

      Hermit's Rainbow

      I found Mars' name on ASCAP in 2015 lol

    2. Torsoface


      Who are they, never heard lol :who:

  26. Faux Real

    Marina is at Coachella with Jack???

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    2. MelleValetta


      If it's not in coachella, they might be on a club (judging by the lighting). On CB instangram there's a video of a dessert, but it's on Arizona.

      Edit: I think I got it, this wall and this other one are from  that "Numbers Club" in Arizona and are similar to the one on Marina's

      Edited by MelleValetta
    3. Faux Real

      Faux Real

       @MelleValetta even in the most low quality selfies, she looks stunning

      Edited by Faux Real
    4. MelleValetta


      Can't belive that Marina invented natural beauty and selfies :flutter::flutter:

  27. Last Dance

    BRB CRYING :crying:


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