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  2. Joey

    • Joey
    • Cat

    Ur berry sweet (: 

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    2. Too Afraid

      Too Afraid




      omg a million memories just came back to me wtffff

    4. Cat


      i am Shocked ppl from the old mb era are still here

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  4. Living_Dead


    Okay but "End of the Earth" is the most mature Marina has been in terms of production. I love how it builds up, but also how Marina let's the instrumental do it's thing. 


    1. glitteringgabe


      End of the earth is the kind of Marina I would have loved to see more of this era. It's weird when people describe it as "indie" though when Marina IS indie lmao. Hopefully Fear gives us similar tracks. 

    2. Living_Dead


      Tbh Marina hasn't been Indie since The Family Jewels. Her style is very pop. Real indie music is like Mitski, Alvvays, and more alternative acts. What indie generally means is alternative, and Marina has been bop. I agree though, I do wish there were more songs that were like End of the World

  5. Sleepwalker


    If you think about it, it's so weird that you dedicate a big part of every day thinking of another person that doesn't even know of your existence and is busy on focusing on their own career and have their own personal life. Soon or later you'll understand that it's better to project your thoughts and energies on yourself rather than on your idols. That doesn't mean you cannot enjoy your favorite artists' material anymore, but I definitely think that a lot fans develop an unhealthy relationship with famous people, who should only be observed and admired just for the work they do, and not adored like gods among men.

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    1. Enjoy Your Life

      Enjoy Your Life

      I feel this 100%

  6. abombnd



    1. Too Afraid

      Too Afraid


    2. Phaye


      Miss Sugar Pink Liquor Liquor Lips hit me with your sweet love

  7. scab&plaster


    I had to come back my friends don't understand my love for her like you all do. :giveup:

    1. amdurashellfishbeach


      hey fellow marinaboard vet!! lol I just logged on for the first time in forever and have been looking at join dates and I feel so old! I feel this

    2. scab&plaster


      Right!? Last album I was a sophomore in college and now I've graduated grad school and work an office job... It's a shame really. 

    3. Ruin


      This is the exact reason I’ve had to come back too! I’ve not posted here in such a long time.



    Just gonna say that I'm so surprised after the email I received from DiamondGarden, so professional, so unexpected. Loved it

    1. electra outsider

      electra outsider

      I almost forgot that I made an account. 😂😂

    2. Too Afraid

      Too Afraid

      thank you for being part of the site <3

  9. laryjewels


    idk how to use this website (i forgot i created an account two years ago sksksk) but i see a bunch of people from discord hey sisters



      HELLO, WELCOME!!!!

  10. Phaye


    Mini rant:

    I can’t believe how negative some stans are being right now, especially on Twitter. May I just remind everyone that this album is what made Marina love music again after quitting. We waited four damn years and some people are just so ungrateful. She’s giving us EVERYTHING we could want (amazing bops, stunning visuals, themes & concepts) and yet here are people saying “it’s too mainstream”. Yeah, it’s got a bit of a more “mainstream” sound (whatever that means) than the last few albums but why is that a bad thing? I’ve loved every song so far, and I’m not easily pleased, but that’s just personal opinion. 

    This isn’t addressed to anyone in particular but if the music isn’t your particular cup of tea, please don’t be so hateful about it. Marina seems so happy this era and as fans we can’t be responsible for ruining that.

    rant over. Stream Orange Trees & have a nice day. 

  11. Greek Gold Rush

    Greek Gold Rush

    Anyone who's active right now on here probably won't remember me, but I've decided to come back and actually post because I can no longer contain my love and my hype for Marina :porfavor: 

  12. Sleepwalker


    Wow. It's been a really long time. A lot of things have changed and I'm not even so interested in Marina anymore, yay.

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  13. electra.


    if the album's in black and white why is her single called orange trees,,, i am confusiom

    1. Manneki


      i guess she refers to trees that give out oranges? not actual orange trees

  14. musicassette


    stream evol and drink apple tango xoxo 




  16. teen1dle


    Orange is my favorite color. So, let's hope god comes through

  17. DiamondFlower


    Im so excited for o-o-o-o-orange trees :hearteyes:


  18. Phaye


    So AJR’s new album comes out April 26th... what are the chances of it beating L+F?

  19. DiamondFlower


    Does anyone know what happened to the chatbox

  20. Cool! It awvahlaps

    Cool! It awvahlaps

    I feel like I'm slowly drifting away from Marina and it actually makes me sad. I love her MvS stuff, her TFJ stuff, her EH stuff, her Froot stuff, but F+L... idk. I don't click with it. and im sad cause she's a wonderful person and I loved stanning her (if that makes sense). now... I'll still love what she put out in the past, but I feel like im not part of her fandom anymore. idk. guess we'll see for certain when the album is out

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    2. DiamondFlower


      I feel like I'm the only one that's been disappointed with the releases lately. They're just not as great as I thought they would be at all

    3. diamond gleam

      diamond gleam

      I felt this way during the Froot era but I'm loving Love + Fear. So you never know, maybe this is a time out instead of an ending.

    4. themilkmaid


      Same. It's extra depressing because this is the first era I've actually been a part of (I became a fan in 2015, but it was months after FROOT's release) + if this album is disappointing I have no other artists to really turn to that I stan the same way? (All the other ones I like either disappeared after their debut album or I only like some of their songs, not like marina where, for me, her first three albums have no-skips) :( hoping things turn around

  21. Phaye


    Am I the only one who still has two pages for Marina on Apple Music? one just MARINA and the other Marina and the Diamonds

    also, what happened to the chat box:shadeina2:

  22. FAQin Hell!

    FAQin Hell!

    Whoa, I haven't been on here in forreveeerr. Time to update all the info in my profile :lolina:

  23. yayo


    last night i dreamed about a love + fear promo single called rainberry, it strangely sounded like ariana's breathin lmao :air:

  24. mopingmechanisms


    has anyone gotten their presale email yet? and if u have did u preorder the album? bc apparently that wasnt needed for the us one 



    It's cringeworthy how so many TV and radio people didn't know the proper name of Marina's album in 2012. So many "Electrica Heart"s and "Electro Heart" and "Electric Heart" AAAAH :toofloppy:

    1. Mingyu


      i know like, how do u fuck up that badly....

  26. Estefanobonfil


    Has anyone created new covers of Marina's past albums with her current stage name? I wanna change the album covers! Is anybody else changing her artist name on their iTunes or nah?




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