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    hey hoes

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    Listening to music :)

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    i have no life

  • +SureYeah+


    Hi guys, this thirsty bitch hungry for drama is back again. Does any of you was part of The Plastics-gate on Marinaboards or have any documments of those days? I want to do a masterpost of those iconic days that let to the downfall of the forum, and then into the now deceased AltBoards. The masterpost would also serve as an historic docummentation of the forum, their creators, its biggest moments, the new age of AltBoards and now. So if u ever talked to LDR, remenber something about Forget, remenber getting gay porn gifs in ur signature or anything else, post it below. Thank you <3 :umadney: 

    Damn I remenber when we use to call these emoticons.