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  • Joey

    Joey  »  Cat

    Ur berry sweet (: 

  • Living_Dead


    Okay but "End of the Earth" is the most mature Marina has been in terms of production. I love how it builds up, but also how Marina let's the instrumental do it's thing. 


  • Sleepwalker


    If you think about it, it's so weird that you dedicate a big part of every day thinking of another person that doesn't even know of your existence and is busy on focusing on their own career and have their own personal life. Soon or later you'll understand that it's better to project your thoughts and energies on yourself rather than on your idols. That doesn't mean you cannot enjoy your favorite artists' material anymore, but I definitely think that a lot fans develop an unhealthy relationship with famous people, who should only be observed and admired just for the work they do, and not adored like gods among men.

  • abombnd
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