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  • NadineDiamandisRey


    I have like 10 more days of school yash shisters

  • Yeah, u-hu, oh, yeah

    Yeah, u-hu, oh, yeah

    Love Simon is so fucking beautiful... like it really hits home. Also it's not problematic as fuck and doesn't look like a highschooler filmed it like GBF

  • Freedom Of Falling

    Freedom Of Falling

    why the fuck is witness actually good, katy was meant to be a flop :awkney:

  • Yeah, u-hu, oh, yeah

    Yeah, u-hu, oh, yeah

    AW's new video is cute but screams low budget everywhere. it reminds me of marina during froot tbqh... it literally doesn't add anything to the song itself... like girl rob some white people down in the bronx and get a proper catwalk??