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  • Pancake Rho

    Pancake Rho

    LMAO Halsey can't pronounce her surname yet she goes on to telling people not to mispronounce it 

  • FAQin Hell!

    FAQin Hell!

    I feel like I seem like a huge know-it-all, especially on fetus Marina, because I just know a lot about fetus Marina. I remember wishing I could be like those people on the forums who know absolutely everything about the artist, I thought they were awesome. I kinda feel like one. But I feel like I come across as arrogant. I don't mean to, sorry.

  • Pancake Rho

    Pancake Rho

    Derek Davies from Neon Gold Records is hot fight me

  • mimasdiamonds


    lol i think marina wore the same ring in 2015 live version and the Glastobury live version of Disconnect