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  • scab&plaster


    I had to come back my friends don't understand my love for her like you all do. :giveup:



    Just gonna say that I'm so surprised after the email I received from DiamondGarden, so professional, so unexpected. Loved it

  • laryjewels


    idk how to use this website (i forgot i created an account two years ago sksksk) but i see a bunch of people from discord hey sisters

  • Phaye


    Mini rant:

    I can’t believe how negative some stans are being right now, especially on Twitter. May I just remind everyone that this album is what made Marina love music again after quitting. We waited four damn years and some people are just so ungrateful. She’s giving us EVERYTHING we could want (amazing bops, stunning visuals, themes & concepts) and yet here are people saying “it’s too mainstream”. Yeah, it’s got a bit of a more “mainstream” sound (whatever that means) than the last few albums but why is that a bad thing? I’ve loved every song so far, and I’m not easily pleased, but that’s just personal opinion. 

    This isn’t addressed to anyone in particular but if the music isn’t your particular cup of tea, please don’t be so hateful about it. Marina seems so happy this era and as fans we can’t be responsible for ruining that.

    rant over. Stream Orange Trees & have a nice day. 

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