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    Taylor  »  Yeah, u-hu, oh, yeah

    The random meltdown on my status... do I know you?

    At least the fans of the ‘trashy redneck’ will actually be getting another album from our fave in the next decade 

    Also, literally no one uses this forum and it will be closed within a year tops. Have fun migrating to Twitter, trashy hoe! 


  • Taylor

    Taylor  »  TattooedHeart

    August 28th, 2016


  • Taylor
  • Yeah, u-hu, oh, yeah

    Yeah, u-hu, oh, yeah  »  Freedom Of Falling

    I was looking through the link you posted in the hatbox and I saw that marina registered  another song called "If it's worth it". Since I've never heard about it, do you happen to know anything?