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  • DiamondFlower


    Does anyone know what happened to the chatbox

  • Cool! It awvahlaps

    Cool! It awvahlaps

    I feel like I'm slowly drifting away from Marina and it actually makes me sad. I love her MvS stuff, her TFJ stuff, her EH stuff, her Froot stuff, but F+L... idk. I don't click with it. and im sad cause she's a wonderful person and I loved stanning her (if that makes sense). now... I'll still love what she put out in the past, but I feel like im not part of her fandom anymore. idk. guess we'll see for certain when the album is out

  • Phaye


    Am I the only one who still has two pages for Marina on Apple Music? one just MARINA and the other Marina and the Diamonds

    also, what happened to the chat box:shadeina2:

  • FAQin Hell!

    FAQin Hell!

    Whoa, I haven't been on here in forreveeerr. Time to update all the info in my profile :lolina:

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