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  • Faux Real

    Faux Real

    I'm kind of convinced that my mom was a man who died by spider bites in her previous life, because of a dream I had.

    I'm either reading about too many conspiracy theories or I might be on to something-(I'm probably not on to something:heartattack:).


  • Cool! It awvahlaps

    Cool! It awvahlaps

    Allie X's shirt arrived. CollXtion II was a mess but as far as I'm concerned this era is saved :icant:

  • Electra heart is ded

    Electra heart is ded  »  Cool! It awvahlaps

    I love your user and thanks for helping me out a bit in the info about marina after all even if I do watch her interviews and look at her tweets and have heard all of her albums, It's hard for me to pay attention to the meaning.

  • notyourhoneypie


    Guys don't let this forum die.