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    Our fandom is so sad at times, all of the others are galloping (?)  in meadows full of sunflowers filled with deer. I know that none of us only belongs to the Marina fandom (including myself), so we have sort of a fandom heart (if that's a good metaphor). Different fractions belong to different fandoms, unless you like everyone the same, of course. The other fractions of our fandom hearts are in that meadow (except for MCR, sorry that was triggering) the Marina one is not. Let's be encouraging of each other (not that we aren't), but let us join in with the chorus of goat-warbling to the deer and inhaling sunflowers (rip). But anyways let's talk about something else! I once accidentally did drugs in school! So I was in Songwriting Club and a friend of mine, Finley (you'll hear me mention her at times), gave me this banana marker. I liked the artificial factory-made smell of it so I kept sniffing. Before I knew it, sniffs turned into inhales and I knew I was addicted. The leader of the club, an upperclassman, told me I was doing drugs. The entire club and chaperone were laughing, but not as much as me. I broke out into tears and interrupted the lesson with my snorts. Everyone loves and remembers that story. Another one was the "git" commercial. I was watching Food Network with my mom and a Velveeta Liquid Gold Mac & Cheese commercial came on. So it was about these two randos in a supermarket lighting a fire. The manager came in their aisle to tell them that there had been some complaints about their fire (they were cooking the mac and cheese). One of the randos threw a packet of the mac and cheese at the manager and said, "Here's payoff deputy." The manager asked, "Excuse me?" It soon zoomed up to that rando's face and he said "Git!" (I swear I'm 15, I can't help it, I'm American.) I couldn't stop laughing, don't judge me, it was the hormones. But this was even worse than the banana marker situation. I couldn't stop. 20 minutes, I freaking swear to god. My mom got it all on video and later showed it to one of my friends, Becca, as a form of embarrassment. I was crying so much, you'd think Marina announced MATD4 wasn't coming (lmao sorry I had to). Let's not mention this to anyone else