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  • Pancake Rho

    Pancake Rho

    Beauty is a curse on the world. It keeps us from seeing who the real monsters are

  • Faux Real

    Faux Real

    lmao, I just put together that mars argo's profile photo is bed sheets because her last name is sheets


    My whi is unicornguide


  • Faux Real

    Faux Real

    it really surprises me that some people still don't know Titanic, Mars, and Poppy's real names. they're everywhere and not hard to find, the same goes for old mars videos and rare poppy videos/audios. 

    mars argo=brittany sheets

    titanic sinclair=corey (michael/middle name) mixter 

    that poppy=moriah pereira 

    but tbh I'm not their biggest fan, I just really like their music, moriah's acting is better than her music even though I really like one of her older songs (which was more alternative), but from what i know titanic is a pretentious butthole, or mars is a spoiled gold digger, or neither, idk what to believe

  • Faux Real

    Faux Real

    Marina is at Coachella with Jack???