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    Black Magic

    New album «FLORISTRY». Coming in 2018.

    New album «FLORISTRY». Coming in 2018.
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    I think it was going to be really hard to follow up on the EH era no matter what. EH was so heavily tied to the visuals, including the videos, the archetypes Tumblr, and Marina's hair and fashion. After that she probably wanted something more simplistic and streamlined- hence the same tracklist for everyone, no bonus tracks/remixes, etc. also kind of feel like Marina might get kind of bored with her eras after a while, she was so ready to be done with EH for a long time so I think she probably didn't want Froot to overstay its welcome and get boring.
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    Marina's (hair) timeline. It's messy and it took 3 days to compile. Open image in the new tab to enjoy.
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    today is the one year anniversary of the "that FROOT looks familiar" feud between M

    today is the one year anniversary of the "that FROOT looks familiar" feud between Marina and Charli
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    oh well i dont believe in that stuff so
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    They say Marina's gonna please us, we say, well there's no such thing as inha being leaked, inha being leaked
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    Faux Real ♡

    The unleaked track you THIRST for

    Video posted by HorrorPopplio: is a song that credits Marina as a writer or perhaps, a singer (probably not) I'm taking apart and studying every bone someone tries to throw. This demo only has 5 likes (one of which is mine) so it probably is new, or just not very popular. Marina was in LA so maybe she worked on this as well as the Lizzo collaboration, which I hope someone leaks, probably that dude in the background of the video . Maybe I'm just being too hopeful, but I'm cringe trash so I do this with all of my fandoms. But it might be fake, the 30 second snippet that I freaked out over was, so I don't know what to think anymore.
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    LOOK IT COULD BE TRUE FOR KP4TH ALBUM OML __________________________________________________________ In September, the artist told InStyle that she was working with “a lot of unexpected writer and producers,” something that was “bringing out a lot of different things, sonically.” Read More: Will Katy Perry Release an Album in 2017? Everything We Know About KP4 | http://popcrush.com/katy-perry-fourth-studio-album-kp4-details-what-we-know-so-far/?trackback=tsmclip THE ALBUM will apparently get political, and there is even a song called Bon Appetit, with FRUIT and FOOD-THEMED snapchats to accompany the SNIPPET! Look, I don't really care for Katy Perry and I'm not trying to hype the ish out of it or anything/ count my chickens before they are hatched but this is a LIKELY POSSIBILITY. Politically-charged lyrics and dance-ish songs like FROOT with the 80's style that was described in the article sounds right up Marina's alley. I AM PUMPED AS FUCK eVEN IF MARINA IS NOT FEATURED THIS CONFIRMS SHE WILL REMAIN ACTIVE IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY AND THIS MIGHT ACTUALLY HELP BOOST HER POPULARITY. I MEAN, WHO DOESN'T KNOW KATY PERRY?
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    I wish I was a dumb pop star so the words wouldn't matter to you. //Runaway, Runaway (2012) Mars Argo I'm a dumb pop star in my own right. //American Kids (2016) That Poppy WAKE UP siht ekat tnod ylsuoires ♡♡♡
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    Faux Real ♡

    Technology is a Dead Bird

    Technology is a Dead Bird
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    I think I've officially decided that Froot is my favorite Marina album.

    I think I've officially decided that Froot is my favorite Marina album.
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    charli's new mixtape is LIT af

    charli's new mixtape is LIT af
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    anyone else listen to the songs from charli's mixtape that premiered today? That cupcakke collab tho 👌🏻
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    Faux Real ♡

    I'm half-Greek.

    I'm half-Greek.
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    still waiting for INHA 

    still waiting for INHA
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    i was listening to "Weeds" and at the end when she goes "Yeeaahh yeaaah -eeeh eeeh baby baby" it makes me want to jump off a bridge marina is god confirmed
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    lmao remember when marina got hit in the face with a chapstick at one of the NN sho

    lmao remember when marina got hit in the face with a chapstick at one of the NN shows
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    People, who are wishing to hear something crazy, modern, agressive, dark or fresh... Unfortunately, it won't happen. Marina is so mom-like right now, à la "I found happiness, peace, zen, love, unity, integrity, freedom, etc. I don't need your gold or weed or angst. Flowers! Sun! Birds!" (I'm exaggerating ofc) And she didn't even gave birth to a child! (The point is that in my opinion most singers I know, after the birth of their first child, became too happy and peacefully boring to write something as strong as their previous records)
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    The unleaked track you THIRST for

    Yeah, I was honestly hoping nothing would turn up when I googled because I was low-key hoping it really was a song by Marina. The snippet reminded me a bit of Sinful and Scab & Plaster and I would've loved it if Marina made more songs with that sound... Basically, I'm becoming quite thirsty for some new music from Marina, even if it were to come in the form of some old demo... That other 9 second long snippet is still a mystery though? The video above my post is just a weird version of "Dive" by an artist named Dotter...
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    So would you share the high-quality version with us?
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             My only moods

    My only moods
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    ^ THIS I am such a sucker for TFJ and pre-TFJ lyrics, the zaniness and surreality of the lyrics combined with the clever imagery and frantic piano playing slay my entire existence. and I really lowkey (highkey) hope MATD4 is at least somewhat more like TFJ than FROOT, but knowing how Marina is older now and has matured considerably it is highly unlikely she'll ever go back to her roots, which is why I keep my fingers crossed for more unreleased songs of hers to be leaked someday, like the elusive Like China Dolls.
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    "U should feel lucky to have my $79 lipstick kisses all over your face. Ur probably used to those cheap tricks kissin u w their .99 cent lips" LDR
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    I think all the flower stuff is because she really likes spring. I doubt she will reuse old themes for her next album.
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    I would be really disappointed if her fourth album would be FLOVVERS or something...
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    Happy 5th Birthday to one of the most iconic videos ever, Primadonna

    Happy 5th Birthday to one of the most iconic videos ever, Primadonna
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    The Neon Nature Tour Backdrops

    Hello everyone! We decided to recreate all the backdrops from the Neon Nature Tour! So here's act 1! I hope you like it! https://youtu.be/YlvG0_MKdlo
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    I always remember visiting MB for the first time around March 4. I love this place so much guys
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    Faux Real ♡

    20 frickin 17

    20 frickin 17
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    Pancake Rho

    The unleaked track you THIRST for

    omfg I knew it. Now, why would she do that? sketchiness is real
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    It exists! Someone posted a picture of a 2011 setlist paper with a song called 'Die Life' on it. It was official, taken from a real Marina concert! Sadly she decided not to sing it
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    relatable thread marina crushes and keyboard smashing
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    There are a lot of words, man. Chill. With all of that. It's cool. And I didn't mean to say that you were offensive, it's just that this saying seemed kind of unfair to me. But oh well, I guess I started a shitstorm, better flee. I mean, I agree, but how could you destroy my joke?
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    Faux Real ♡


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    thank you much love & appreciation
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    ah, that makes sense, yeah, i got that feeling. i didnt know she blamed her record label tho. i think that was a bit false tho, TFJ is very much an acquired taste, its a miracle i like the entire album tbh. we still dont know a lot about TFJ era lol, she wasnt on social media and didnt even have a phone at some point in that era?? so its weird to hear things i didn't know before. thanks for clarifying!!
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    diamond gleam

    Net Curtains

    I think it's kind of ugly tbh but now I'm imagining if the Electra Heart album had an interior decorating theme instead. Boudoir Bitch Patio Table Lamps Home Decorator Sectional The Stool of Sitting Pillow & Cushion Settee Yeah Table Is Dull Valet of the Dolls Hammock In Trees How to Be a Headboard Recliner Active Footrest and Lounger Net Curtains
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    Pancake Rho

    Unpopular Marina Opinions

    you mean higher tone? Like numb? If so I agree I have never watched a single video of her apart from I think Blue and Radioactive. I don't really think her work as an artist ends where her music does but I just didn't get used to watching her videos in the first place. Same happened for Amy, Florence and Sia which are my favorite female singers. Her music satisfies me enough and I don't have to watch something to "complete" it. It already is to me. Plus I find boring following an artist on social media like obsessively. I don't feel like they have to become my best friends or anything, they're artist because they create art and not because they are pleasant or likable, which they can be but still. Let's just say my musical experience ends where music does. (if twitter didn't cause me such anxiety i would probably follow her)
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    Net Curtains

    "When I'm 30 I'm going to have a baby, quit the pop industry and become a full-time songwriter!"
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    The video is shit as a whole tbh I'd rather see Marina releasing a visual MvS album to it, because seeing a home-made low-quality-camera video that has heart is better than a professionally directed and produced video of a generic pop song with Marina having shower sex (That video probably made it to pornhub by now) But when I criticize it on youtube or dare to open my mouth I get a shit load of comments saying that "This is a part of character named Electra Hear..." and "This is art and you probably don't understand the elctra he.." and "It represents the homewrecker archetype that's meant to..."
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    Do you enjoy Marina's unofficial and early work?

    Starlight is one of my favorite Marina songs. I love the unpolished version from GMTM as well as the "final" version- I wish we could hear some of the other songs from GMTM with that kind of production. I remember in an interview Marina said Froot was the "longest and weirdest" song she'd ever written but I think the original starlight is a little longer,-and it's weirder. Come to think of it, a lot of her early songs like hubba, pancake karma and the common cold are a loooot weirder than froot.
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    People who don't like ANY pre-TFJ work are probably the ones that are still fangirling over Electra's tumblr and watching HTBAH I know the production is messy, the lyrics are all over the place and the sound comes from two sides to the point that you can't even hear anything and etc.. I personally dislike the vocals and music in MvS especially, but remember what Marina said about Daniel Johnston? She said his production was awful, the vocals are all over the place and etc.. But the reason she was inspired by him was because he had heart, and that's how people relate to him. I'd listen to the messy MvS and GMTM over the clean and flawless Dr. Luke euro-pop-dance HTBAH, why? Her early work had heart, she believed in herself when she was doing, and her honesty in lyrics are something really honest and pure, and she was obviously writing to let it all out and to ease pain from her shoulders, writing straight from her heart, which is why I got to Marina in the first place honestly. Her honesty, her pureness and just the way I feel she speaks for me in some of her songs. The only reason I'd classify her early work as bad and trash and etc.. is the production, she said the same about Daniel Johnston, the production was awful, but he had heart and believed in it AND it's very inspiring. I honestly appreciate her as an artist for speaking from her heart. While her latest work is also great, I honestly prefer her earlier work and her lyrics from earlier because hello, I'm in that level currently. I still believe in her and happy to see her evolve as an artist and grow. (Hello, I can be deep too :P)
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    Will Disconnect ever see the light of day?

    Sometimes I wish I was smart and a hacker lol.
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    Nuclear Chicken

    Will Disconnect ever see the light of day?

    I volunteer @dieLife to steal ha laptop do it for the greater good sis
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    Okay but seriously can we talk about someone finding INHA and leaking it please because i'm so here for this
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    I really don't want Marina to release True Colors because it could never be better than this iconic bop
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    Where the Bad Bones Are

    Plastic Rainbow

    @thecommoncold Unfortunately I have to agree, FROOT has its moments (like Solitaire) but her older tracks (this one, Starlight and Troubled Mind are some obvious examples IMO) definitely have a rawness and a lyrical complexity that is lacking a bit in her recent stuff.