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    Do you even sleep or nah

    Do you even sleep or nah
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    All Eras Fan-Pack

    Hi! so recently I've been collecting a bunch of resources from each of Marina's eras, and putting them together in one giant "ultimate" fan pack for edits or whatever else The pack currently contains: From FROOT: 7 Cover Art Backgrounds, 5 of the currently released Single Covers, The official FROOT font, All FROOT Of The Month Logos, and Marina's logo, Untagged artworks for all covers released so far, All FROOTs, including video ones. From Electra Heart: 3 Cover Art Backgrounds, All official covers from the era, A Photoshop script to automatically do the EH image effect in one click (this is very cool hehe), The TV line texture to superimpose on top, The official font, and a script to automatically make the text look like a cover, All logos from the era's covers, And most of the untagged cover artwork. From The Family Jewels: 6 Cover Art Backgrounds, All covers from the era, An action script to do a lot of the TFJ Image Effect (also makes instructions on how do complete it!), The font from MarinaBoards which is very similar to the official font, All logos from the single covers, And 3 untagged single artworks. A lot of this is made by me, with the occasional edit from other sources online, or the official artwork from fan packs by Marina. If anything is yours just tell me and I will link it and credit you!
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    Marinas Diamond

    Dark or Blonde Marina?

    Blonde with roots topped off with a cute lil headband
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    like weeee-heeeeds

    Upcoming Studio Album Discussion & Info Database [updated]

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    Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    I'm in this make some marina stuff right now and i just finished this cover for starring role, hope yall like it.
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    Night Swim

    Marina Tweets

    I feel like the Iluminati has taken over you...
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    The Last Dancer

    Marina Tweets

    First, is Roman Zolanksi, he's Nicki male alter-ego, he's ¨crazy¨ and he didn't let Nicki's Barbie alter-ego appear during the Pink Friday era. He isnt a pedophile cuz he isn't real
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    Marina Tweets

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    Marina's Instagram

    Nicki Minaj isn't a prostitute, her music is just shit.
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    Marina's Instagram

    That's kind of rude to call hardworking women "prostitues" because they aren't completely covered up. Women can do whatever they want to with their appearance that they please. Also rappers don't only talk about drugs, sex and money (which are very much present in the areas most of them come from). Marina has NEVER experienced the life Nicki Minaj had (nor any other singer/rapper at that). Last time I checked none of these people have made me want to do drugs or commit crimes, you are rather ignorant for everything you think you know about (and unless you are an active person in the music industry.) You aren't better than anyone for not doing those things nor are they terrible for doing them.
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    The Flash

    Marina's Instagram

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    Best Live Vocals

    all time fave live performance
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    Unpopular Marina Opinions

    I like that Marina smoked and drinked, it makes her more a 'normal person' for me. And I love Hypocrates. Love the title, love the 'bells' sounds, the lyrics. I won't change my mind. I'm fed up with Teen Idle, I never loved this song so much but now I skip it when I play EH.
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    Marina's Tumblr

    Marina did an excellent job with The Archetypes. I noticed that the shoot for the “Su-Barbie-A” or “Housewife” archetype resembles the photograph of Sylvia Plath (right) with her two children in 1963. During this time, women faced “societal pressures to devote themselves to being housewives.” It was an identity imposed upon many women and often those with higher ambitions were ashamed to admit their dissatisfaction with the lives they were leading and felt as if there were something wrong with them. This can be seen in Sylvia Plath’s semi-autobiographical novel The Bell Jar. Esther Greenwood, the main character, is presented with numerous achievements and opportunities. However, there is always an underlying feeling of futility surrounding her because, despite all she has achieved, she is destined for the life of a housewife. In Marina And The Diamonds’ “Part 3: The Archetypes,” an eerily robotic voice reveals the inner struggle: “I have no identity. I always feel like someone else.” This message is once again delivered in “Part 5: Su-Barbie-A,” which features a young housewife standing in front of a nice suburban home. Her face is not visible (it remains in the darkness for most of the video). At one point in the video, a distant, auto-tuned feminine voice says, “If you’re going to tell me you don’t like this dress I’m sticking my head right in the oven,” something that also seems to allude to Sylvia Plath’s tragic death. I really do wish that people would realize how complex Electra Heart truly was. The album, story, and character were intricately plotted to study female identity in society. The Archetypes: “A study in identity and delusion.” Quotes Source: http://www.lvc.edu/vhr/2011/Articles/pinke.pdf [This is from a post on Tumblr]
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    Marina Tweets

    Imma snatch her username if she does tbh
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    Electra Heart

    Unpopular Marina Opinions

    I really hate that she played too much with her hair/wigs during this era. It was a mess and she should have stayed with a blonde wig or natural black hair from the beginning.
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    Unpopular Marina Opinions

    I think Primadonna, Su-Barbie-A and Teen Idle can easily be related to by a straight guy - anyone can be a Primadonna, "Mod-Hair Ken" and the "Perfect Husband" are the male equivalent of Su-Barbie-A, and Teen Idle is probably the most relatable archetype of all! Homewrecker is a bit more sex and gender specific as I think it's partly a commentary on sexism, but I'm sure there are some aspects of it that can easily transfer to male archetypes (i.e. the "player").
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    Night Swim

    Unpopular Marina Opinions

    I doubt Marina thinks that only women feel like that but you hardly expect her to portray a male archetype when she is female. This ain't no Lady Gegz shit.
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    Ty Heart

    Unpopular Marina Opinions

    I L O V E Marina's blonde hair. Real blonde hair and wig. She looked so unique and perfect. And I adore this concert.
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    Unpopular Marina Opinions

    I don't get why people hate Girls' message, I don't think it has anything to do with feminism. I think it's about Marina's disgust with the image girls are presented with today, having to care about calories and gossip and rumors and all of that. Along the same line as Pink's "Stupid Girls". At least, that's how I've always interpreted it.
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    Facts about Marina that only Diamonds would know

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    Facts about Marina that only Diamonds would know

    She doesn't have any tattoos. She's 5'4"
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    Unpopular Marina Opinions

    Hypocrates is one of my favorite songs from Electra Heart. I like it more than The Valley of the Dolls and Lies. Marina looked really good blonde. I don't know if this is much of an unpopular opinion, but...
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    Die Life?

    Wow, I didn't know about that whole Die Life thing...thought it was just an unrealeased song.
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    Marina's Ex-Boyfriends?

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