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    Facts about Marina that only Diamonds would know

    Her real name is Karina Diamondos, she's younger than Taylor Swift, and her favourite food is pickled fetus.
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    Unpopular Marina Opinions

    I like Hypocrates
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    Your Marina Lyrics Mistakes

    The most famous one HAS to be... 'I really don't know why it's such a big dildo'
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    Froot in Cry Baby's style
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    Unpopular Marina Opinions

    I get rather annoyed when people compare her to Lana and Gaga, because she's way different than them. For one, a lot of her songs have a much deeper meaning than most of Lana or Gaga's songs. I also feel her her voice is more advanced than Lana's, and sweeter than Gaga's.
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    Unpopular Marina Opinions

    I feel like I dislike Teen Idle now because the fans misinterpreted it so much and they use it as an excuse to either wallow in their (normal!!) teen depression/angst when, imo, the song was saying "don't do that!!!!!"
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    A Diamond Theory

    Hi All - I have posted here a few times, though I read the boards almost daily. I have been a huge Marina fan since late 2009. I have a theory that some of you may have independently deduced but I never saw it openly discussed on the boards. In life, I am always curious about the inspiration behind art. For this reason, I love when Marina explains her music and lyrics. From the beginning, however, there has always been one explanation that did not sit well with me. Marina has almost consistently stated that she named her musical endeavor Marina and the Diamonds because she is Marina and (as we know) we are the Diamonds. I was comfortable with this until Hollywood was released in 2010 and I learned that her last name was Diamandis. If I became famous and my name was hypothetically Mrs. Smithson, it seems odd that my first thought would be to name my fans the Smiths. Moreover, we currently exist in an era where it is very popular for artists to name their fans (animals, monsters, etc.) so it would surprise me to hear that either 1) Marina was the first person to think of this 2) Marina was a poser and copied other artists in her name. Neither of these options seems feasible. Plus, if we want, we can think about Florence and the Machine, who has a similar name syntactically. Florence doesn’t call her fans the Machines, and in fact, there is a great explanation how the “Machine” component came about - completely unrelated to her fans. For all of these reasons, I have stood convinced that the name “and the Diamonds” had a different purpose in its origin. This question has been with me for the last few years, until I recently started paying more attention to Marina’s early demos and unreleased songs. Evidence 1 - Mermaid v. Sailor In another thread, someone astutely pointed out that the album name Mermaid v. Sailor could be understood by listening to Daddy was a Sailor. From that song it becomes evident that the album name is actually mom vs. dad. In other words, Marina’s parents’ divorce was not just a driving element in her songwriting, she saw that event as the most defining component of the album. In the song Daddy was a Sailor, Marina plays with the image of a diamond. As everyone knows, diamonds come from coal and she says that she has a black heart. This indicates that while everyone else is a diamond, Marina’s coal did not fully develop into a diamond or stated more simply without the metaphor, Marina is not like everyone in the diamond (Diamandis) family. Marina also introduces her WHOLE family (even her auntie) to the listener. There is no question that her family is integral to her music. In fact, it seems as though Marina’s music cannot really be separated from her family. (Think about Electra Heart - not every song on the album relates to this persona but by naming the album EH and having songs related to the topic, Marina is making a statement about the nature of the album as a cohesive piece of art) Evidence 2 - The Family Jewels First off, Marina names this album the Family Jewels. We all know this is clever on many levels, but on its most basic level, it is a reference to the diamond theme. In the song the Family Jewels, the lyrics are inundated with diamond imagery (‘I wasn’t cut for it/see a diamond in it/coal to diamonds - a continuation of the Daddy was a sailor metaphor). She also mentions that the only element she shares with her family is her last name - Diamandis. In this song Marina clearly underscores the idea that she sees herself outside her family unit. Evidence 3 - Miscellaneous Other songs continue the theme of difficult family relationships, most focused - as always - on her father (Hypocrates - which is just a reincarnation/nice version of Philosopher My Arse, Scab and Plaster, and I even think that Marina probably wanted to cover the song Candy because of the line “diamond in the rough”) Conclusion - Based on all of these elements, I really truly (with all my heart) believe that when Marina first came up with the name Marina and the Diamonds - she was not motivated by a cute name for her fans. Rather, I think she felt as though listening to her music was giving someone a glimpse into the Diamandis world (this would explain the introductory nature of Daddy was a Sailor). Marina’s early music exposed her listeners to her life and her family and, as we know, Marina often saw herself as the odd one out - hence the name Marina and the Diamonds. The Diamonds, in my humble opinion, were originally nothing more than the other members of the Diamandis family - the source of her lyrical inspiration and the group from which she saw herself removed. (Think about the famous childhood story Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - they are one unit but Snow White is at the forefront because (a) she is fundamentally different than the dwarfs and (b) she is the protagonist - in the same way that Marina is our protagonist) I do genuinely believe that once Marina became popular the family explanation was unappealing and Marina THEN had the idea to call her fans diamonds, it was just a secondary idea. In short, I love calling myself a diamond and I wholeheartedly think Marina is a genius. I just believe it is a leap of logic and faith to think that Marina had this idea from day one.
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    Hermit's Rainbow

    Confirmed: Marina writing again

    In later June of this year, a few Diamond Garden members met up with Marina in NYC. While signing some things for the fans, Marina said that she was in New York City to write new songs! This is the first mention of any new Marina content since FROOT was released. Check out the video: Maybe M&TD4 isn't as far away as we think it is?
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    We felt like being generous, because why not? This community is amazing, and we're very happy to see people enjoying the hard work we put into reviving the site So, here's Primadonna stems, enjoy! Download
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    Is this offensive or what???
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    Chain Reaction

    EH pic edited to look like TFJ Marina

    I tried this but I'm not happy with it
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    Unpopular Marina Opinions

    Teen Idle isn't as good a everyone says it is.
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    What Natalia did is very different from Marina subtly shading someone in Better Than That. The person who Better Than That is about was Marina's friend and personally betrayed her in some way. So it's understandable that she's upset and bitter about the situation. Nobody would be kind to a person who stuck a knife in their back. And even so, Marina isn't revealing who the song is about. There's speculation that it's about Ellie, and it probably is, but Marina went as far as to deny its about her. Whether she's lying or not, I think it's clear that her intention isn't to publically attack someone with this song. It's more that she just felt extremely hurt and is venting her feelings through this song, rather than being like "Ellie is such a bitch! I'm gonna write a diss track about her and let the whole world know how horrible she is!!" Natalia publically attacked this contestant in a competition who did absolutely nothing to hurt or offend her besides apparently "copying her husband's look".....This guy didn't deserve an attack like that, whereas whoever hurt Marina probably does. And Marina isn't publically calling out whoever it was that hurt her.
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    Unpopular Marina Opinions

    Numb & Buy The Stars are some of her best songs, even if they're "similar".
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    Unpopular Marina Opinions

    Daddy Was a Sailor is actually one of her best songs.
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    Post Your Marina Drawings

    http://alunargenesis.tumblr.com/post/155668373095 Here's a mixed pen and digital drawing I did of Marina in her FJ era outfit in the Neon Nature tour
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    They're the backing band, Marina doesn't do interviews with them because she's an evil, self-centered, narcissistic bitch. That's why they're not on the album covers either.
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    Marina's Diamond

    Unpopular Marina Opinions

    I think that The Family Jewels was better than Electra Heart.
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    Chain Reaction

    EH pic edited to look like TFJ Marina

    FROOT x Electra Heart I tried but failed
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    it's a LOT of fiddling but i'll explain it as best i can. once i perfect it i should make a tutorial someday :-)
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    Blindfolded Kid

    Marina and the Diamonds Pixel Art

    Do you like my pixel art? In a scale from 1 to 10? I made them myself!
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    marina hates her fans

    True. Further proof:
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    I did covers for Froot and Electra Heart in the Family Jewels style (or almost)
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    Unpopular Marina Opinions

    I don't get why people hate Girls' message, I don't think it has anything to do with feminism. I think it's about Marina's disgust with the image girls are presented with today, having to care about calories and gossip and rumors and all of that. Along the same line as Pink's "Stupid Girls". At least, that's how I've always interpreted it.
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    Unpopular Marina Opinions

    Shampain and Hypocrates are two of my favorite Marina songs.
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    I love it! It's so much better than live version from 2015. I feel more complete to be honest. She finally released something.
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    Marina's Surprise Tomorrow (6.23.17)

    queen of announcing a new song 804 days after performing it live
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    Valley Of The Dolls (probably a demo) Super Human All Is Forgiven These three songs are listed by this famous BAR ig account and everyone is freaking out bc apparently they are being traded on SoundCloud and everyone wants it Could SH and AIF be taken from MATD4? I hope so, but I prefer to be skeptical to be honest
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    Marina's Instagram

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    The Last Dancer

    EH pic edited to look like TFJ Marina

    Well, I tried. It looks so Paint-ish but w/e
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    WOAH, it's finally here! It feels surreal to be writing a topic in the "releases" section for Marina after so long! 805 days later, we finally have the final version of Disconnect. Let's talk about it!
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    I can't believe it took two years to finally get this song. Too bad it looks like it's just a 'grat' track and not an official single. Isn't that just Merna's luck? Even with Lana's friendship bracelet she still can't 'Fuck Her Way To The Top'.
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    pressure makes diamonds


    family please
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    Caught between wanting Marina to have a peaceful and calm life, and wanting Marina to have another angry and bitter album, lol.
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    So... she's actually making music. For real now. I hope. I think the title of the next album will be "Salmon Dreams". Also, she will change her stage name to Marinated Marina.
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    Net Curtains

    "When I'm 30 I'm going to have a baby, quit the pop industry and become a full-time songwriter!"
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    This post/thread is a guide for the releases by Marina, this differs to the collection thread as it details what there is as opposed to what users have. The following is in Chronological Order of release. This post also uses Discogs, and marinaandthediamondslive.com's Discog section as references (Most of the images used are either from my collection or marinaandthediamondslive.com's images) PRE-TFJ Mermaid vs Sailor (2007) (Limited to 70- 80) Versions: Plastic Sleeve Case Clamshell case Information
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    teased us with im not hungry anymore
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    Giving children rotten eggs and praying to Satan, wbu?
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    hi i'm back buy/stream disconnect

    hi i'm back buy/stream disconnect
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    decided to post the entire collection because its kind dead on the thread right now so what the hell. Most everything is a different edition (different country, color, etc) but a couple doubles snuck in. Feel free to ask any questions!! I love to talk marina collecting lol. 1. PRE "the family Jewels" ERA RELEASES 2. FAMILY JEWELS ERA vinyl 3. FAMILY JEWELS album 4. FAMILY JEWELS ERA singles 5. ELECTRA HEART album 6. ELECTRA HEART ERA singles 7. FROOT ERA album 8. FROOT ERA album and singles 9. MERCH (I don't really collect merch really though)
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    What do you guys think about the fandom itself?

    I get kinda sad when I go on twitter and look at the replies to Marina and it's just full of "release something" etc. It gets kinda vicious like "nobody cares release something", like I want her to release something, but gee, saying it over and over again is just boring and isn't gonna change anything lol. But otherwise it's great I think, a bit weird, but great haha
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    She got a tumor called Ellie Goulding removed circa 2012
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    I love how no one even bothers with the higher register sections in all froot covers I've seen lol
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    Night Swim

    Unpopular Marina Opinions

    Well that's not an unpopular opinion...
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    Your Marina Lyrics Mistakes

    "Rule number two, just don't get a tattoo of someone you could lose" That's actually really good advice. :floppy: