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    Your ideal Marina fragrance

    "Bubblegum Bitch" fragrance. The smell of baby prostitute . But for real, I can't imagine it. I would never see that coming. But i didn't see Luis Fonsi coming so...
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    Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    a cover for unreleased & demos
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    Baby Official Acoustic (video / audio)

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    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    they are coming out with gen 8??? :0 sweet! I haven't even played much through Moon yet cos i keep getting distracted. =w=' and i may not have enough for smash when it comes out initially, so we'll see how this paycheck goes!
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    MARINA: Diamonds Are Forever (December 2018)

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    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    not yet! Trying to get Smash Ult first, since that's what I've been waiting for! c: not quite out yet tho lmao. How is Let's Go?
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    Your ideal Marina fragrance

    Imagine Marina launching a perfume in the future. Wouldn't that be exciting? Share your ideas in terms of name, shape, scent etc etc etc, I'm very curious about it
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    Marina's Breast Thread

    I have four https://thefamilyjewels-era.tumblr.com https://electraheart-era.tumblr.com https://planetfroot-era.tumblr.com https://matd4-era.tumblr.com
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    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Anyone else get Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee?!
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    It feels so good revisiting this place, specially knowing that Marina is coming back with new music in 2 months!
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    Marina has said her lead single is coming in January in an interview with Scott Mills
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    M&TD4 Lead Single Anticipation - OUT FALL!

    this bitch really just pushed her lead single from the fall to january...she really is teaching us "good things come to those who wait"
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    where can i listen to the interview? i cant find it edit: nvm i found it ! it's here and starts around 21:33
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    Selling my Marina autographs

    Thanks for vouching for me and the picture. It looks really nice on that shelve! @rainbowgoth3: replied to your pm! As I still love Marina I suddenly had doubts whether I should sell all my autographs or not. That's why I'm pulling the EH and High School Jacket one back from sale. The others are still available! Sorry!
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    When did you start listening to Marina?

    Teen Idle was my first song and I think I started listening in 2012. Loved her ever since!
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    Emotional Machine

    Sorry but I fucking hate it! So boring and the chorus is absolutely tragic. Where are the bops with great lyrics Merna? Bish, where???
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    When did you start listening to Marina?

    Back when I was like 13, my friend played me I’m Not A Robot and Mowgli’s Road, I liked her but I thought eh this is weird. Three years later my friend posted some Marina lyrics on Facebook - I think it was “I haven't lived life, I haven't lived loveJust bird's-eye view from the sky above” which I thought was beautiful, so I Googled them and thus began my obsession (ha) with her. Never looked back.
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    Bubblegum Pop

    Biggest Marina photo gallery?

    We do have a large gallery here, however it is locked for members who do not have 50 posts yet. This is because a lot of people join just for the sole purpose of using the gallery, and they do not actually participate in the forum discussion. It contains photo shoots of Marina. Once you have 50 posts, you are able to access it. However, we do have a photos section in media, though, which might have some of what you are looking for. Anybody can look there.
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    Marina's Breast Thread

    i too was given the "gift" of unusually large boobs and i hated them so much and is it weird that i credit marina with helping me hate my body less????? i hope not hahaha
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    Marina's Breast Thread

    Favorite thread
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    Marina's Breast Thread

    that girl grabbing for her boob in the last pic tho..
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    does marina smoke marijuana?

    dont you mean marinajuana? see what i did there no? ok.
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    Marina's Breast Thread

    This thread makes me cringe.
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