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    All Eras Fan-Pack

    Hi! so recently I've been collecting a bunch of resources from each of Marina's eras, and putting them together in one giant "ultimate" fan pack for edits or whatever else The pack currently contains: From FROOT: 7 Cover Art Backgrounds, 5 of the currently released Single Covers, The official FROOT font, All FROOT Of The Month Logos, and Marina's logo, Untagged artworks for all covers released so far, All FROOTs, including video ones. From Electra Heart: 3 Cover Art Backgrounds, All official covers from the era, A Photoshop script to automatically do the EH image effect in one click (this is very cool hehe), The TV line texture to superimpose on top, The official font, and a script to automatically make the text look like a cover, All logos from the era's covers, And most of the untagged cover artwork. From The Family Jewels: 6 Cover Art Backgrounds, All covers from the era, An action script to do a lot of the TFJ Image Effect (also makes instructions on how do complete it!), The font from MarinaBoards which is very similar to the official font, All logos from the single covers, And 3 untagged single artworks. A lot of this is made by me, with the occasional edit from other sources online, or the official artwork from fan packs by Marina. If anything is yours just tell me and I will link it and credit you!
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    Your Marina Lyrics Mistakes

    The most famous one HAS to be... 'I really don't know why it's such a big dildo'
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    I'm Not Hungry Anymore

    okay but honestly why would she: - share a snippet of the song on instagram - tell multiple fans, with a huge grin on her face, 'YES' to hearing INHA - go on the Jin Kichi twitter account and tease us with the lyrics from the snippet she shared on instagram - tell us on tumblr we are still going to hear one more song from the FROOT sessions - post pictures of her working on a song in the studio with the guy who mixed all the other songs on froot why would she do all this if we aren't going to hear the damn song... i'm expecting an evol 2.0 but I'm 100% certain we are going to hear it.
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    Post Your Marina Posters!

    This is my first poster I've ever made and I like it I guess
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    This is one of the most heartbreaking songs of Marina in my opinion. It just tells how much it's hard to get over your past love. The waves of love go back and forth, deceiving you are in love with that person again. In GMTM version "I took all our favorite songs, Played them and I made them my own.I went to our favorite bars, and I drank in them alone." part is just naked truth. But the revised version by older Marina reveals less (as always) with a metaphor "bury the hatchet and bury it deep". Like a hatchet that love hurt many and since it cannot be destroyed it must be buried, sustaining its existance but living "as if" it has been ceased to exist. Finally after the love ends, it just becomes a stain, not on your shirt or your skin that can be cleaned. It becomes a stain inside your sky. You can never look past through that stain. Just feels
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    hypocrates is a true bop

    What direction should Marina go in for MATD4?

    This same topic was discussed a while ago on altboards and I remember that I made a prediction for MATD4 in a tweet: Then literally the next day, she posted pics on Instagram about the first Olympics in ancient Greece
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    only true fans would know that there's no rush anymore, times on her side, all her worries are gone and she's enjoying the ride.
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    Queen Hannah

    When I get caught breaking into the record label to leak INHA

    When I get caught breaking into the record label to leak INHA
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    Oh please can we remember when HTBAH was postponed? That day was hilarious
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    They're the backing band, Marina doesn't do interviews with them because she's an evil, self-centered, narcissistic bitch. That's why they're not on the album covers either.
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    Marina's Sexuality

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    OneTrackMind's Graphics

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    hello! i wasn't exactly sure where to put this so i'm very sorry if this is the wrong place! different songs bring different moods to me, different concepts as well. for example: have you ever heard a song that paints an image in your mind / gets you in a nostalgic kind of mood? i do that to many songs & have decided to write down the different concepts ( don't know if that's really the right word to use however ) for marina's songs. the reason i started w/ froot is because i recently bought the record so i've been listening to it a lot! sounds crisp on a record player; absolutely lovely. anyways, i hope you all enjoy! i only have three songs done but this is like a test. if this goes well, i'll go on & do the rest of the album. after froot, what album would you like me to do next? ( also: feel free to tell your own images / concepts to songs!!! i love hearing about them. ) - liz ♡ a baby’s first taste of a lemon; the wide eyes, the thumping heart, the scrunching of a mouth at the unfamiliar and sour taste. the warmth of sunshine; the first true sunshine after the longest winter. the arrival of spring after long months of barren nothingness and frozen fingertips. the first daffodil in the townsquare’s garden, a splash of color. a newborn’s first smile and laugh as you reveal your eyes and then hide them once more behind hands. flushed cheeks and eager eyes on a first date. the thrill of emotion at graduation. tragically beautiful young lovers. the tale of romeo and juliet, immortal romance. a newly-transformed butterfly, its wings violet and golden and dazzling in light. a bright-colored hummingbird splashing in the creek by your window. sneaking into your mother’s makeup and applying firetruck-red lipstick and rolling your hair in her curling pins. pomegranates in a beautiful whole, split into bitter halves. berry-shaded wine spilling across porcelain sheets at dusk, drenching away the purity of angel-wing whiteness. broken glass that lays forgotten upon the boring carpet, discarded next to two naked forms together in a sad, passionless embrace. red lipstick, labeled “seducing red” but not as seductive as a tempting bottle of expensive champagne, grabbed by its neck and thrown against a marble statue. a blooming rose in late summer, dried scarlet blood on its thorns from its last victim. a bowl of fake fruit shown in a watercolor painting. wet hair dripping with red wine and clinging to shoulders. a wildfire that razes down a whole forest in mere minutes. that surge of last hope, the suffocation, when your crush begins a relationship with someone that’s not you and will never be you. burning red-hot jealousy and narrowed eyes. writing angry letters to “love” and cursing its name. dropping generations-old china plates off your rooftop and throwing your hands up in satisfaction as they crash and break and fall apart. tears streaming down cheeks, laughs escaping rosebud mouth, screams erupting; all at the same time. throwing your old promise ring, the one your ex gave you, into the ocean. eating a whole strawberry cake by yourself, digging your hands into the soft frosting and smashing it against your lips as tears turn the sweetness into saltiness.
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    Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    not my best work, but it's an interesting concept i guess
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    Net Curtains

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    It's cute y'all still think there will be a MATD4
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    Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    Electra Heart, inspired by Ultraviolence:
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    Yep, and Merna has always kept her word. Heartcore, FROOT Repackage, and multiple Electra Heart videos say HELLO.mp3.
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    Pancake Rho

    Confessions about Marina

    I think she lacks a lot of communication between her and her fans. I know she likes trolling and everything but if her whole fandom is waiting for her to leak a song why won't she talk about that? I'd love for a simple "I'm not going to leak inha" instead of this silence. The same applies for a lot of other songs that she recorded but never talked about/leaked. Why? Why is that? I think that's blatant torture
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    Gangsta rap and country
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    Marina cares a lot about her environment, she'll most likely recycle
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    Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    meh, first marina cover i've made in over a year
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    Why do you all always have to take everything so literally?
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    Weekly Selection Poll

    Charli XCX; Number 1 Angel
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    People, who are wishing to hear something crazy, modern, agressive, dark or fresh... Unfortunately, it won't happen. Marina is so mom-like right now, à la "I found happiness, peace, zen, love, unity, integrity, freedom, etc. I don't need your gold or weed or angst. Flowers! Sun! Birds!" (I'm exaggerating ofc) And she didn't even gave birth to a child! (The point is that in my opinion most singers I know, after the birth of their first child, became too happy and peacefully boring to write something as strong as their previous records)
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    nothing like clean bandit
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    Idle Queen

    Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

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    Still waiting for the Radioactive demo tbh 

    Still waiting for the Radioactive demo tbh
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    She got a tumor called Ellie Goulding removed circa 2012
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    Post Your Marina Posters!

    I don't know if these are considered posters, but oh well.
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    I really love the whole weed analogy for a past relationship that just keeps resurfacing no matter how much you try and escape it. It's pretty clever I think.
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    that's really interesting, idk if the B&W background helps since her clothes are the same but i love the shadow u gave to the text. well i was bored lol
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    Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    Electra Heart with eyelashes i just added eyelashes from her other photoshoots
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    Caught between wanting Marina to have a peaceful and calm life, and wanting Marina to have another angry and bitter album, lol.
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    Confessions about Marina

    diamonds: *literally anything* m:
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    Confessions about Marina

    I hate the US tracklist for Electra Heart for many reasons: 1. For getting rid of Living Dead, which fit perfectly as the song leading into Power and Control 2. For not including Lonely Hearts Club and Buy the Stars and instead having two remixes as the bonus track, and 3. For ruining the second half by putting radioactive and how to be a heartbreaker at the end-- I already didn't like how Hypocrates disrupted the dark/creepy mood from Valley of the Dolls to Fear and Loathing, but having htbah and Radioactive right before F + L just pushes me over the edge tbh
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    Hermit's Rainbow

    Confessions about Marina

    HTBAH is marina's worst song
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    DIAMONDS REVIEW // Album Nominations

    Charli XCX - Number 1 Angel
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    Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    This is my first cover and im quite proud...
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    Valley Of The Dolls (probably a demo) Super Human All Is Forgiven These three songs are listed by this famous BAR ig account and everyone is freaking out bc apparently they are being traded on SoundCloud and everyone wants it Could SH and AIF be taken from MATD4? I hope so, but I prefer to be skeptical to be honest
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    Somebody: "Oh, I'm so happy that Marina is writing again! Marina, will you deliver your bops in 2017, queen?" Marina:
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    Marina dating Jack Patterson

    We're not a mess. We are a ruin
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    I think any song that she mentions stars in are great like Buy the Stars, my favourite.
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    Products of today's work:
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    Your Marina Lyrics Mistakes

    Indeed, i can't "unhear" that one anymore
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    Last Dance

    Post Your Marina Cover Arts!

    I feel like trash lol, your covers are amazing! The Crown Jewels: I'm actually so proud of this lol, it took me ages, and IMO it looks quite good!
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    Marina // FROOT
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    FROOT #8 on Billboard 200

    *image of a playlist only consisting of started from the bottom and HYFR over and over again*