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completelyweightless    314
2 minutes ago, >Harlequin< said:

I love it! It's so much better than live version from 2015. I feel more complete to be honest. She finally released something.

Agreed! I never really said this before bc I thought fans would kill me, but I didn't really *love* the song after the performance. Now that I've heard the final version I LOVE it.

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Faux Real    130
Faux Real

Marina does that TFJ thing with her voice that I love. It brings back so many memories of being on road trips and plane rides where I listened to TFJ, and those were some of the best trips of my life. It just gives me chills when she does that because I love the feeling of nostalgia. Also, I really enjoy the new lyrics. I think that the Coachella performance lyrics didn't really give too much of a "need to disconnect from technology" vibe. The new lyrics had that. I'm not a huge Clean Bandit fan, but this song really exceeded my expectations *see huge thread of tweets at 10:00am by @ altfangirl5ever*. -and I loved Marina's voice in it. It sounded lovely, I heard God. The whole song was fucking perfect.

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