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hey.. i made an iTunes LP for FROOT for my personal use bc idk i just love them so much and then i was thinking why didnt i just share it here even tho im kinda new here and here is the preview

Home Page:
(i tried to make the stars in the background looks like they r sparkling u can icheck it when u download the iTunes LP or just watch the video preview)


Songs Page:
im kinda messed up the colors a little bit but well.. i tried to recreate the backcover as best as i could by looking at the pics and some unboxing vids online


Garden Page:
basically just a lyric book where i copied all the lyrics from her offcial website


Credits Page:


Video Preview


u can download it Please sign in or register to view this link.

im currently trying to finish making the one for the family jewels right now
and here are what ive finished so far


i hope u guys like it, xoxo
and if theres any problem with downloading or adding it to ur itunes
or if theres any misspelling on it or sth like that feel free to tell me or contact me on my spam acc on instagram @chokeugay  (im more active on my spam most of the time) or my twitter @brinnygene so i can fix it immideately thank you

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