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Late presentation lol

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I started to be a member since June, 2017 (I belive lol) but I didn't made a presentation, so after 7 months, and thanks for the chat for gaved me the idea. Here ya go!


My name is César, I like to make edits, draws, eat and sleep. :orly5:

Personally, I only stan Lana and Marina, but I also love some artists like St. Vincent, Dua Lipa, Allie X, The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, Gaga, Troye Sivan, BANKS, etc. :flirtina:

My favorite Marina album is FROOT, but this is my ranking: FROOT>TFJ>Electra Heart. :momina2:

You can know me in LanaBoards and Twitter as "@Lana Rey Loreen" and Discord & Soundcloud as "@Lifted"



also i like to trade stuff so if u have something dont doubt to pm me ;)


 dk to say rn, so bye :hai:



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hello iconic person with great taste

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