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Thought some might find this interesting: 

The art campaign for The Family Jewels was conceptually based on artwork Richard Bernstein had done for ‘interview’ magazine and when the ad agency, Big Active, explained the idea, the label executives said ‘no’ to the idea because the album ‘X’ by Kylie Minogue had come out and they felt it was too similar (Look up the album cover if you aren’t familiar with it).

Not knowing what they would do instead they went ahead and ordered a photo shoot with Rankin with the simple art direction of ‘no makeup and no hair’ (well, obviously with hair, but without product or styling in it). They wanted a blank canvas to work from. 

After the photos came back the artist Mat Maitland attempted to create some collages with the photos but ‘nothing worked’ so he said fuck it, and did what he wanted anyway. And thankfully marina loved the idea and fought for the concept. 

The label had no idea if Marina and the album/singles were going to be successful at the time. She had only released two small singles with neon gold, and they were very protective over how they launched her image.

With Electra Heart, Big Active is credited with the artwork but they ‘were brought in at the last minute’ because the record execs hated the direction the marketing was going so Mat Maitland was essentially tasked with just completing work others had started with very little input into the creative process leading up to it.

The concept idea from Marina was ‘faded Hollywood glamor’ but right when they were working on things Lana Del Rey broke into the scene with a similar esthetic leaving the executives frustrated again.  

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