Instagram Interview about Marina's upcoming record.

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Marina today answered questions from fans on Clean Bandit's Instagram. She talked about her upcoming record and a bit about her personal life.

I collected the information that she released about her new record:

-          She is coming with a new record (obviously).

-          Marina says that she is very happy with her new record.

-          It is her favorite record that she made. (She also said she never always thought this about her records).

-          There are 2 concepts/themes running through her record, but they are very “loose” and very “universal”.

-          There is not going to be a collaboration with Lana at this moment.

-          Baby is going to be included in her new record even though it is very different from the other songs (probably like style). “But it fits is really well” – probably means that the theme or concept of baby fits her record well (idk).

-          Baby is also one of her favorite songs that she has written.

-          The inspiration for baby was to talk “about a love story that could have been but never was.”

Marina also sung a part of a song from her new record! (Handmade Heaven)


I envy the birds

High up in the trees

They live out their lives

So purposefully



EDIT: As Please sign in or register to view this link. pointed out, these lyrics are from 'Handmade Heaven'.

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Another edit (lol): A lot of people who have heard Marina's new record say that they much prefer it from FROOT. Just FYI :) 

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Confirmed tracks:

Handmade Heaven

Emotional Machine





There's Nothing Wrong With You

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