WHY #ToBeHuman is not trending on Twitter. (TELL EVERYONE)

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According to this website: Please sign in or register to view this link.  Twitter may have implemented a new algorithm to change how tags could be considered trending or not.

From that website, it said that Twitter counts the users who tweet the hashtag, NOT THE AMOUNT OF TWEETS.


Some tweets are even "penalized" meaning these tweets are not counted as part of that hashtag (remember when the tweet count mysteriously went from 960 to just 280) This happens when for example the tweets are completely unrelated to the hashtag just for it to trend. This ws done by Twitter because back then when the basis was the tweet count itself for trends, Justin Bieber fans /always/ dominated the trends list.


For more details regarding this algorithm that Twitter implemented, visit the website. DIAMONDS! What we'll have to do now is to get OTHER people to actually talk about #ToBeHuman and tweet the tag and tweets that are completely related to it. 


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