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Hey all, so you may have seen this already from @Cat sharing the petition in the chat, but i need to bring this to a widescale audience because this is really alarming. 


I dont know if yall have seen marinas newest photoshoot but i was really alarmed to see marina has entirely removed her torso. Not only is that really really unhealthy for her but it gives women a really unrealistic perception of what a woman should look like. 


We need to take a stand against it and put our foot down and be like "hey marina !!! U put ur torso back on or were unstanning!" 


I also have it on good authority from a personal source marina has been even thinking about removing her legs and just becoming a floating head with arms. How ridiculous is that???? She even had a mock up made just to see what she would look like!!! 


So please for all of us, sign my petition. Scientists say we only have around 12 years to turn this around. 

Thank you. 





Co sponsered by @CatPlease sign in or register to view this link.


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1 hour ago, Cat said:

will you be reviving living bread now that you're back?

maybe when time lets up :) 

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