Love+Fear Era Fan-Pack by arinmeric

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Insipration drawn from @thepianoknows... 

Greetings fellow Diamonds!

My name is Arin. Recently, I was in need of some Love+Fear-related images because I wanted to work on some creations. The materials for the previous eras has been fairly easy to obtain since the All Eras Fan-Pack was released four years ago. However, with the dawn of the new era; came a plethora of new content. Therefore, I present you... The Love+Fear Era Fan-Pack:party:

The following is what you can find in the .zip folder (see below for the link):

  • Official album and single covers
  • Magazine photoshoots (incomplete list; apologies for the inconvenience)
  • Miscellaneous outtakes (ie. the full Superstar cover art; see below) 
  • Links to fonts (MARINA logo, album title and tracklist)
  • The backgrounds for the aftorementioned album/single covers (all of which was made by yours truly!) ;)

All this precious content is available absolutely free of charge! That said, crediting me - @arinmeric - will be greatly appreciated in case you use or consider using any of my creations for commercial AND/OR clout purposes:D

Download Link: Please sign in or register to view this link.

I hope you enjoy my creations! Feel free to me know if that is that case, or if you have any feedback/requests, or if the link no longer works.

  • My Instagram: @arinmericakin
  • My Youtube channel: ΔRXN (


  • D0XPFc_W0AAcQzg.jpg:large


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On 6/2/2019 at 10:23 AM, savagefroot said:

The link is not working! :(

Hi! Can you try downloading it again in different ways (ie. by refreshing the page, using VPN if you have the add-on, through the in cognito mode)? Someone else seems to have managed to download it 1,5 hours ago, and so could I just now. If it still doesn't work, please PM me preferably on my Instagram as I don't often check here.

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